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Mandeville Fly-In

Every Summer on the eighth weekend of the year Mandeville puts on a Fly-In event . Literally, it is open to aviators to “fly in” and park up for the day, and its an opportunity to take a ride in a Tiger Moth or maybe something bigger, but still de Havilland.

The on-site Rogers K-92 steam engine is likely to be in steam and there may be opportunity to take a ride in a carriage. There are always traction engines, stationary engines and other steam vehicles both on show and being demonstrated.

It’s always a fun and affordable family day out reliving the golden age of flight and a time when steam was power.




Throughout the year, the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre foyer doubles as an exhibition space celebrating local artists and stories. Entry to the exhibitions is free. For information about current exhibitions visit Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.